No more bookmark search?

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Description of the issue: Brave browser app on iOS. Previously, I had been able to search my bookmarks by typing in the main url/search bar. Now, I do not get any bookmark results - only history results. I have dozens of bookmarks, so not being able to search them is a major loss for me. Thank you for your time

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to a webpage. Create a bookmark. Name it ABC
  2. Close browser tab.
  3. In new tab, click on search bar at the top, and type ABC

Expected result:
I expect the ABC bookmark we just created to appear in the results. Previously, I believe this was happening on this same device

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave Browser 1.19

Mobile Device details
iphone XR running iOS 13.5.1

Additional Information:

Thanks for reaching out to us.
It appears that this is in fact a regression and we have an open issue to resolve it. It hasn’t seen much of activity for a while so I added your report to the thread and pinged some devs to get additional eyes on it. Issue can be viewed here:


@Mattches Sure thing. Thank you.
Just so I understand, this is a bug and the ability to search bookmarks will be returning at some point?

The linked issue appears to be a request to DISABLE this functionality for both bookmarks and history. I don’t want it disabled :slight_smile: I want bookmark search via the url bar to return.

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You are right – I added a note on the thread to clarify this but either way, the ability to search will return, yes.

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@Mattches Thank you!

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