SEACH Tabs button , list too long , not usefull

SO wht i want is a very small update/feature/Buttonto be added
which is related to search tabs button we get in our top right corner

when we click it , it lists down a full result of tabs , and if you have a lots of tabs open , it is a very long list .

so i usually use this if i want to open a tab that i closed a little while ago , i go and use it but now that i have a sh*t load of tabs open i have to scroll every time to bottom to access the recently closed list , i know that u can use the menu button , then hover over history and t will do the same thing , that s such a lengthy process , it was fine few months back when i had 4-5 tabs open but now its not .

for 1st , i think u can atlest add a arrow to collapse the list of opened tabs like u have one for recently deleted one

the arrow is their ,
BEFORE clicking arrow



plz add this arrow for the opened tabs too , reason for that is to ease access to the recently deleted tabs list .

DO NOT make it so every time the tab search box is opened it resets the collapsed list
Because that loses the whole point of it ,
this just a temp. solution i thought ,
u can add a option i menu for us to choose which list comes on top , THAT would be BEST .
so we can just set the deleted one to appear on top .

plz let me know if u thing is happening with you too , or is it just me .

i hope u can find a good permanent solution to my problem