Feedback to improve New Vertical Tab window layout

I very much appreciate what y’all have done with the new vertical tab format. However, I would like to make a suggestion that would be a HUGE improvement. I strongly recommend that you consider modifying the Add Tab “+” icon by relocating it over to the top of the vertical tabs instead of where it is now, which to me is a bit awkward and not easy to locate. It’s not very “ergonomic” or practical where it is now (at the bottom left side); instead, please consider placing it at the top of all of the open tabs where it will be more practical and easier for the user to locate.


  1. +1 for moving the new tab button to the top.

  2. Make it possible to change the width of the tab sidebar (simple quality of life improvement).

  3. Make website icons visible when the tab sidebar is expanded (currently the icon disappears - don’t know why anyone thought it’s a good idea).

  4. Show close tab button when you hover mouse over tab (currently one has to use the context menu, middle mouse button or keyboard shortcut).

  5. Integrate tab search feature inside the tab sidebar (currently it opens a separate panel).


Two things I would like:

  1. Make the tabs act more like treeview, where a tab that’s under the tab that it was opened from is indented a little. (This way it’s easier to see the tree of navigation.)
  2. When there are only a few tabs, consider putting a screenshot of the page in the tab. (This might require that the tab is 100-200 pixels tall.)

A bit more context: I tend to open a new window for each search, and then open multiple tabs as I skim the results. With vertical tabs, I’m running multiple searches in the same window. Vertical tabs is really cutting down on the number of windows I need open; and making it easier to find the tab I’m looking for! If the tabs that I opened on the search result page were indented; it would implicitly group the tabs.