Search Tabs - allow to sort by tab order and/or window

It would be helpful to have an option to change the Search Tabs button view to show the tabs in the order they are opened in the browser, instead of last used. I am a heavy tab user, and this would make it easier for me to manage my tabs, instead of installing an extension to do this. The tabs in the toolbar get so small that I need to use a dropdown list to view and manage them. I use Firefox at work and it has a similar button, but with the functionality I mentioned. It makes it great to manage tabs at a glance.

Example settings that could change the view when I click the button:

  1. sort by last used (the current default).
  2. sort by tabs in the order they were opened in the windows.
  3. option to pin tab by clicking on the favicon on the left (or add pin icon).
  4. if multiple windows are opened, only show tabs from the window in focus with the same options as above.
  5. If tabs are pinned, show a pin icon next to them in the list.

This is one feature that makes it a joy to work, when you work in multiple windows and tabs as I do.

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