Extend the "Recently Closed" Tabs History and ability to reopen them

I was recently working on a project and I accidentally hit the “Close Other Tabs” button instead of “Close Tab” (which should have a confirmation dialogue, seriously) and lost about 100 tabs of things I have been keeping in a few groups for other projects I work on from time to time. Unfortunately, Brave only lets you reopen the last 10 or so recently closed tabs, so all of those pages are lost and I will never be able to remember all of them (since many of them were opened weeks if not months ago and the History page only lists by when the tabs were opened). The History page should just have a “Recently Closed” page which can go back at least a few days or a week/month, something like that which would eliminate this problem. Similarly, the “Close Other Tabs” and “Close Tabs To The Right” buttons should have confirmation dialogues. Honestly, I wouldnt even HAVE those buttons available, or at least certainly not right near the regular “Close” button. It is FAR too easy to hit one of them by accident and if you happen to have more than 10 tabs open, you are SOL.

hit CTRL + H and your history will appear, at least up until the last time you cleared it.

Unfortunately, the History only has tabs sorted by when they were opened, not by when they were closed, and the “Recently Closed Tabs” only has the last dozen or so. I had around a hundred tabs open, many of which had been opened weeks or months ago, which would be impossible to track down in the history, as I couldnt even count how many thousands of pages I have opened since then.

As I said, enlarging the “Recently Closed Tabs” memory would be a very simple and effective fix for this issue and I have no idea why it wasnt implemented from the beginning (especially since its VERY easy to close a lot of tabs at once with the “Close All Other Tabs” and “Close All Tabs To The Right” options when right-clicking on a tab).

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Due to a malware interference (“Searchgoose”), my 32 windows (each with loads of tabs in them) got closed, and the normal “Restore Session” option got auto-replaced by that Malware’s fake search engine page - so I had to restore the 32 tabs manually from the “Recently Closed” list, and only 26 were on that list;

the other 6 are lost.

Also wanted to ask, is there any place where those remaining 6 could still be stored? Some hidden files somewhere, with an “extended” list?
Or a way to revert any file auto-deletions?

However given how those were 26 instead of “10”, maybe Brave did improve this aspect since the OP was posted?
But it’d need to maybe be like 50 items that list can store, then there’d probably be virtually no data losses at all - 26 proved too little, in my case and possibly many others’.

Looking for alternative recovery options now though.

Yes, I agree that the history list should offer the ability to be grouped by window, so it can be understood as the “Recently Closed” section of the menubar menu is.

I remember closing a window with ~50 tabs this morning, and now it is impossible to find them by using the history view since it offers no “group by window” function. They are there somewhere, but a huge unstructured list is very difficult to make sense of.

The problem is that history items are not tabbed / grouped. Unfortunately history does not contain a filter to group previously closed windows together.

Also history sorts websites in order of last visit descending, meaning that the pages that you did not visit a lot in those groups are now way at the back of your history, while more frequently visited pages of the same groups are at the top.

So it basically becomes a clusterf*** that can never be restored unless you spend an hour on sifting your history items from the past 2 weeks.

And because there is no option to select multiple tabs from history to open at once, it is even harder to restore your lost windows. See my request on adding check buttons in the history menu. So coming from Firefox, I must say that the history part of Brave could do with some improvements that are as basic as adding checkboxes and a filter to group tabs in ‘sessions.’

Firefox has a parent menu labelled “Close Multiple Tabs,” and the options to ruin the rest of your day are hidden within that. I prefer this to a confirmation dialog.