Extend the "Recently Closed" Tabs History and ability to reopen them

I was recently working on a project and I accidentally hit the “Close Other Tabs” button instead of “Close Tab” (which should have a confirmation dialogue, seriously) and lost about 100 tabs of things I have been keeping in a few groups for other projects I work on from time to time. Unfortunately, Brave only lets you reopen the last 10 or so recently closed tabs, so all of those pages are lost and I will never be able to remember all of them (since many of them were opened weeks if not months ago and the History page only lists by when the tabs were opened). The History page should just have a “Recently Closed” page which can go back at least a few days or a week/month, something like that which would eliminate this problem. Similarly, the “Close Other Tabs” and “Close Tabs To The Right” buttons should have confirmation dialogues. Honestly, I wouldnt even HAVE those buttons available, or at least certainly not right near the regular “Close” button. It is FAR too easy to hit one of them by accident and if you happen to have more than 10 tabs open, you are SOL.

hit CTRL + H and your history will appear, at least up until the last time you cleared it.