Feedback: Search Tabs button function

I would like to see an option to change the function of the “Search tabs” down arrow button located between the + (New Tab) button, and the minimize, maximize, exit buttons. Currently the button only pulls up a list of tabs sorted by what tabs that were visited last. This is an okay feature but I think it could function a little better. I don’t need a button to help me get to tabs that are currently still sitting at the top of my browser and can be easily selected. Instead, what if the button only pulled up tabs that can not fit on the top of the browser. That way you wouldn’t wast time looking for something that’s a lot further down the list having to sort through tabs in that drop down list that are already easily and quickly accessible because they are still sitting on top, of the browser, no button need. I would prefer the option to have that button stack my sites one on top of the other in the order in which I opened them only after my taps at the top are maxed out, the button would act as a continuation of the tabs on top. If that’s too much, and you all are dead set on having that button pull from a list of the most recent tabs instead of the order in which they were opened, you could at least have it go head and leave out the tabs that are still on top of the browser window, even if it continued to pull from most recently opened tabs instead of the order in which they were opened. Either way, order in which is was opened, or last visited, I think it would be a lot easier to use if it didn’t include tabs that are already open at the top of the browser window, and I would prefer the option to have it act as noting more than a continuation of open tabs that have run out of room. Thanks, I hope you take this into consideration.