Scroll the tab bar?

Is it possible to scroll the tab bar without Brave rendering the contents of each tab? Maybe a modifier key… I’ve tried both ctrl and shift and ctrl+shift, but no joy.

For instance, with the other browsers I use (FF & Falkon) when I have many tabs open and some are hidden off to the side (at this stage not all are rendered/loaded because I’ve restored from previous session but their tabs are visible), scrolling the mouse over them moves the tab bar horizontally without rendering every tab’s content as I scroll past it. I scroll to where I want to be and only once I click on the desired tab it is displayed.


So I just spent way too much time messing with some flags to see if the Chromium “scrollable tab-strip” flag actually worked. Sadly it does not – but it doesn’t work in Chrome either. So at this time I can’t say there’s any way to do this but I imagine we will inherit the feature if its fixed/implemented upstream.

For now, there are extensions you can install that will do this for you I believe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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