Tab Scrolling like in Firefox

I used Firefox and I believe Brave is better in every way to other browsers in every way, except one. Firefox has a feature where if you have too many tabs and it fills the space of your monitor, it creates a left and right arrow to scroll left and right through the tabs, a sort of scrollbar. That is the only thing I miss.

This feature is useful for those of us that tab-hoard. As of right now with Brave and Google Chrome, if you fill the space of your monitor with tabs, they get so small that you can no longer see an icon or text anymore and they all are indistinguishable. The “X” button also disappears when the tabs are too small. And, if you open a new tab when the tab bar is full, you can no longer see new tabs so you have to close other tabs to even get to the hidden tabs.

Found it. Enable brave://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip. Should be enabled by default!

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