Cannot find post for question asked under a thread… admin said to start a new post and locked comments w/out a way to find said new thread

I would like to know where I can find the answer to the question asked on the 2nd to last post on the thread at the link below. The last post asked the person to open their own thread. There needs to be a way to find that thread, should it exist. If it doesn’t exist, I still would like to know the resolution for the issue posted in that 2nd to last post (after which the thread was closed therefore I cannot ask about where to find it).

Also I’d like to know why I get the same results as the original poster. I read the “resolution” but I’m afraid that doing what it suggests will cause loss of all/some data on my devices. I have extensive bookmarks, history, open tabs, etc. I don’t want to lose anything.


Hello? I still need an answer to this.

First go to this link brave://bookmarks/

export your bookmarks and save it somewhere safe.
Now go to this link brave://settings/passwords
Export your password and save it…Now you are safe to experiment with new sync chains

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