Saved passwords deleted after Clear browsing data

Why does Brave delete saved passwords without warning when you execute Settings → Privacy and security → Clear browsing data? The text hint below the ‘Clear browsing data’ command says, “Clear history, cookies, cache, and more.” No mention of passwords. Is this a bug or a feature?

It doesn’t. You have to select it for it to be deleted. When you click on that, it brings you to the screenshot below by default. You’ll notice that Passwords isn’t even an option.


Not only can you NOT easily erase passwords by default, but you’ll see on the top that the time range is set to just Last hour of activity. In other words, they make it incredibly hard for you to accidentally erase all cookies and all.

In order to get to Passwords, you have to switch tabs to Advanced or On Exit. And, again, by default, they don’t have Passwords checked off. Notice how the box is empty? This means you have to click on it. Also, looking on top, it’s set to Last Hour.


Passwords are a separate choice than cookies. Below are screenshots of the options from Desktop and iPhone. These are on my established profiles where I have changed the time range to be All time. But you’ll see that Passwords is still unchecked. This is because I never checked the box because I don’t want passwords to be erased.


It’s because clearing passwords isn’t something the average person does compared to the rest. Passwords is part of the and more of the tooltip. Passwords only get erased if the User checks the box and tells it to erase the passwords.

Well … it apparently is DOES by default because I never imagined I would need to uncheck the ‘passwords’ option under the advanced tab. So Brave apparently does enable that to be checked on by default requiring one to know in advance that there is this hidden ‘checked on’ password option that will be cleared. BTW, “clearing” ones history in a browser has been a feature in browsers since the beginning. Putting Passwords within this ‘clearing’ area is not a good idea in general (learned actions and so forth) and making it a default of on is really bad.

It doesn’t. I shared screenshot of what happens in a default profile, which is it is unchecked. You or someone using your device checked it if it was checked.

Speaking of. Your learned lesson should be to pay attention to things. Don’t assume. Read stuff rather than checking and acknowledging. When you go to run a program or do something, look very closely at what you have checked and what you’re instructing it to do.

At the end of the day, you messed up. All you have to do is realize and learn from it.

That said, I see your feedback and something of a feature request that the ability to clear passwords either gets moved to a separate location or that they add some extra confirmation dialog for people who aren’t paying attention.

In regards to not having it in the Clear browsing data menu, that would be an upstream Chromium request more than it would be for Brave. That’s because all Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, etc) have Passwords listed in their Clear browser data areas.

Correct, it’s a poor design. However, I think it was Google who originally designed it this way, as it’s the same in Microsoft Edge as well.

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