Lost saved password & mails

Hello, I have a little problem:
This morning I cleared my browse history and accidentally eliminated all my saved passwords and mails. Is there something I can do to regain all of them, like a backup?
I’ve been trying all day and I’m so tired of all of these, does anyone have any idea?
Thank you all for the help.

You’re saying that you cleared all of your browsing data? If so, there’s no way to recover this particular data.

Did you have all the boxes in the Clear browsing data window checked?

Yeah, I had all checked unfortunately.
I had opened Brave and my Browse History wasn’t cleared like always, so I went to “Clear browsing data” to clean the remaining history, but I did it in a hurry and eliminated everything.
I hoped there was a backup for something like this, but I checked and there isn’t anything.
Anyway, I regained access to all my email and password in an another way, so I think this is all ok. Thanks for the reply and have a great day.

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