Within the "Clear Browsing Data" Pop-Up Menu

I use Brave primarily as a second browser at this point, mostly for doing quick previews of design-related workflows where I want to check a change I made to some CSS for example. Because of this I find myself wanting to clear the cache pretty often.

Today I realized that the “Clear Saved Passwords” option is pretty high on the list of options to check within that pop-up, and I was thinking it should be after the “Autocomplete Data” option, if we are going off of (what you would think would be) the most often utilized functions within the clearing tools.

Maybe it would be feel more intuitive to move the most commonly used things to the top as most of them are now like Cookies, History, Images, etc? I just think less people ultimately want to clear their saved passwords very often. I know I only use that feature maybe once a year when it’s time to update an old password perhaps.