Saved Password Randomly Gets Deleted

when i say stuff in local i mean in %appdata% then going back to roaming then local than deleting the brave file in there

it didn’t fix it i still get the issue if my pc is off for too long

This is my first post so please forgive any errors of protocol - I am happy to receive constructive criticism.

The same thing as reported above is happening to me.

Brave periodically deletes all my saved credentials (usernames and password).

It’s not every time I close Brave but once in a while all my saved usernames and passwords are deleted.

I have checked that the “Clear browsing data” --> “On Exit” actions do not have the option selected for “Passwords and other sign-in data”

I can see the username and passwords being added to the Autofill --> Passwords listing as I go from site to site putting my passwords back into the browser.

Then, sometimes after closing and restarting the browser or restarting the PC or even just reaching for a cup of coffee, all the passwords just get wiped out. REALLY FRUSTRATING.

Worst thing is that the exact thing was happening on my Chrome installation which prompted me to use switch over to Brave.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Version 1.16.68 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Mia culpa - version is actually as follows - browser was updated since issue first manifested
Version 1.16.72 Chromium: 86.0.4240.183 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Update - I did a fresh import of user credentials to Brave @ 08/11/2020 14:26 (UK date format) and noticed the Login Data and Login Data-journal files within the following folder were updated with the same date time (file sizes 72kb and 0kb respectively);

C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

After that I restarted my PC Brave did not list any of the imported credentials within the browser yet the Login Data and Login Data-journal files were still present showing the same “Last Modified date & Time” along with the same file sizes prior to the PC restart.

I then re-imported the same user credentials to Brave @ 08/11/2020 15:58 (UK date format) and noticed the Login Data and Login Data-journal files within the folder were updated with the same date time.

The file size of the Login Data file changed to 76kb but the Login Data-journal file remained at 0kb.

It appears the functionality of the browser can write to the Login Data file but there is difficulty reading from it, especially after restarting the PC.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - this is driving me crazy

Update: I think I may have fixed this - fingers crossed.

After reading around a lot of stuff I came to an article referencing a check of the owner of a process being potentially relevant to abhorrent behaviour.

On checking the security setting for ownership of brave.exe it came up as SYSTEM.

So, following the directions on the link below, I changed the ownership to my own local account.

I have restarted my PC 5 times so far and the password credentials are still being held within the browser.

Prior to that the password credentials were being dropped by the browser at least every other restart if not every restart.

I have checked the ownership of the local app data files and they are all under my ownership. I am assuming from this that both executable and data files need to be under the same ownership for communication to function properly between them, but this is just an assumption based on nothing but observed behaviour with a large helping of ignorance.

If the abhorrent behaviour resurfaces I will be back, shame faced, to accept whatever ridicule the community deems fit to bestow upon me.


Hey @MrKamote,
did you read this?

I have, hopefully this fixes it permanently.

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Well I’m back… for some reason Windows 10 Pro keeps taking back ownership of the brave.exe file. Some serious googling has already taken place on this but to no avail as of yet. If anyone can point me towards an article that stops this from happening I will be delighted.

So I’ve taken ownership back from SYSTEM but the freshly imported password store is now back to being cleared out whenever I restart my PC…

So not the glorious fix I hoped it would be…

Anyone got any thoughts - I really don’t want to use Firefox or (shudder) IE/Edge…???

Same thing is happening to me as well. Windows 10 Home - 19041.630. Brave version V1.16.76. Every time the browser closes due to shutdown or update, it loses all saved passwords. No options are checked to delete them. Very frustrating, very seriously considering another browser (I don’t want to muck around with password managers outside of it).

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This is happening to me too. All of my settings are set to save passwords but every time I close brave out my passwords disappear. It is very annoying. I have to import my passwords back into Brave every day. This all started after a Microsoft update.

I have a strange Idea after reading the update 20H2 Win10 changelog.
Can the Edge settings (edge is chrome based) have something to do with this topic. Go and check it out.

  • Modern Device Management (MDM) improvements : For IT professionals administering multiple devices, Microsoft is extending Modern Device Management policy with new “Local Users and Groups” settings that matches the options available for devices managed through Group Policy.

  • Microsoft is proud that this is the first version of Windows 10 with the new, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser included.

  • But, with this release, it’s official: The new Edge replaces the old Edge in the baseline version of Windows 10

Since i am still on win7 i can’t check it my self, so i am just waiting for your responses. :wink:

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