Browserlosing password at random even on a new profile

My issue: Brave lost all saved passwords after few restarts. It does not matter if option remember on this device is checked

The problem seems to occurs at random intervals, yet iI think there is a pattern.

If the browser is closed correctly the problem appears to be random but if I shut down pc without closing the browser at first the
problem almost always occurs.

I have only 1 profile.
Problem occurs no mater if I have opened 1 or more tabs.
It does not matter if im login to various accounts in every tab or im login to a one count in one of them.
But if I’m login in somewhere in only one of a tab the problem seems to be less frequent, neither less it steels occurs

My brave version
Version 1.58.91 Chromium: 116.0.5845.96 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

My external extensions

My flags from brave://flags/
All set default

My brave://settings/autofill
Offer to save passwords and Auto Sign-in are set enabled

My brave://history/ > clear browsing data > on exit
set disable

I have used reset setting button even

My system is
6.4.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.4.4-3
debian testing.
If you need me to check if particular libs are present in the system, tell me which one i should search for.
lso file system on my /home is btrfs

  • What I have done to resolve the issue so far

1 save my passwords to .csv file bookmarks to html

2.uninstall a browser with purge option (it removes all config files)

3 to be dubble sure i remove .config/BraveSoftware/ leftovers by rm -rfv .config/BraveSoftware/.

4 restart my pc

5 install the browser and roll back my password and bookmarks. Anything else is left as default.

Problem is steel there I’m clueless by now

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