Saved Password Randomly Gets Deleted

Description of the issue: Saved Website Passwords Randomly Gets Deleted When re-opening the App or After Restarting the Computer.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Close the app wait for a few minutes and re-open the app
  2. Restart/Shutdown the computer

Expected result: Saved Website Passwords Deleted from Password Tab

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

  1. The clear data/history after closing is turned off
  2. Already reinstalled the application multiple times same issue
  3. Created a new profile and re-loaded the bookmarks and Passwords from Chrome but issue still occurs.
  4. Login Data file which i believe is what stores the password from C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default is always renewed to the current date when the passwords get deleted.

Hey @MrKamote,

  1. First make sure it is enabled look here: brave://settings/passwords
  2. if so, this might help you.
    Passwords will not save on Brave

both this options are enabled:

Offer to save passwords

Auto Sign-in

Did you look if there is a section underneath which says never save?
Again, look here: Passwords will not save on Brave

Yep i did, its at the very bottom no urls are added.

I forgot to mention one last thing.
Go check brave://settings/clearBrowserData
Look if enabled to clean on exit.

Here’s the screenshot…

Also for some reason it displays “None” as the value which is odd compared to yours.
I think it will delete the password again once i restart or re-open the app.
Also the bookmarks do stay the only thing getting deleted are the saved passwords for websites.

Does this happen for every website? That is, no matter what website information you save, it will always be deleted when you close/reopen the browser?

Yes, regardless of the website saved they will all be deleted once the issue/bug occurs and i have to import the passwords from chrome again. I tried manually saving the passwords as well but they still get deleted.

I’ll be sleeping now its a bit late ill try to answer further questions once i wake up.
Thanks for trying to help.

Do you have any cache/data cleaning applications (like ccCleaner) running on your machine? Additionally, do you have any anti-virus software running in the background?

I have malware hunter installed as my AV aside from that i don’t use anything else.

Also it seems that what i noted earlier about the password and sign in showing the value of “None” seems to be one of the indicators. Once i import the passwords from chrome and check under clear cache the password count is shown together with the website count, after a few minutes i close the clear cache history and re-open it the passwords and website is showing as “None” Brave is constantly deleting the saved password for some reason or the file that saves the password and website information constantly gets deleted or replaced by either the application itself or something in my system.

I’ve reached out to some team members for additional insight on this. In the meantime, I’m curious if you get the same behavior if you were to create a new browsing profile (Menu --> Create new profile) and try and import your data in the same way to the new profile?

I did try to create a new profile but that was after i deleted the first one i was using. I’ll try now.

Yep Still the same, both profiles still got the saved passwords deleted but kept the bookmarks.

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Still getting the same issue.

Do me a favour, press shift+esc while only brave is open, close all other operations, drag window so big that you can see all tasks running. Make a screenshot of the window.

Sure here it is.

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Thanks, but no… I was on the wrong path. Still no clue! :roll_eyes:

Did you ever figure it out I am having the same issue

Not yet still getting the same issue even now. Reinstalling doesnt fix the issue changing the installation folder also doesn’t work. The only thing i haven’t done now is reinstalling windows, i would rather just keep on importing the password than reinstall windows. What i’m seeing here is that the file that saves the password gets deleted or replaced by the browser or the system randomly for some reason.

i think i fixed it. I did this. I uninstalled brave and all of its data and deleted all temp files and stuff in local in roaming and got rid of programs that i installed right before the issue happened than i restarted my pc and it fixed it