Saoiray's Leo Issues List

Yeah, I’m just going to add various screenshots and/or copy and paste the prompts and answers from Leo that make no sense (or at least that’s wrong information). Will touch base later to see if best method.

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With this one, not sure if initial response is right. This is especially since we can’t upload images or anything to it.

But of course other issue is instructions on what to do is kind of inaccurate. We should have it mention to email but that’s not there. And the instructions it gives on how to do a form is not right either. is link of video. Person talking about how they cut and donated their hair. When asked to summarize it, Leo made up some random thing.

Sure, I’d be happy to help! Here’s a summary of the video you provided:

The video is a short clip from a TikTok user named “zpoJVBJAb_0” and it shows a person using a Brave browser on their phone. The person is browsing a website and then clicks on a link to a different website. The video then shows the Brave browser blocking a pop-up ad that would have normally appeared on the second website. The person then clicks on the “Block” button in the Brave browser to block the ad. The video ends with the person saying “Brave browser, blocking ads like a boss!”

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Seems it’s not quite ready for algebra.



And it still can’t tell time.


It does not reply to all languages in their language. Yet if it’s able to understand, it should be always replying in the language of the prompt. Examples are below:








Seems to give false hope on thinking you can connect Rewards to Coinbase as well:

Is there an unofficial limit to how many prompts you can give? Because I’ll be speaking with it and then get hit with things like:


Sometimes I wonder if it just doesn’t like particular questions or what’s happening, lol.

One of these days AI will learn how to count how many letters are in a word.


Not quite sure what to say on the accuracy/validity of what it says below, but it does seem like a missed opportunity for it not to mention Goggles.

Not sure about this first response. I guess seems kind of accurate, but if nothing else it’s weird that we have Leo calling itself a BAT Ambassador.

And for the below, it’s saying we can see BAT Ambassadors here on Brave Community and they have a special badge. To my knowledge, that isn’t true. So guessing this needs combed over and corrected overall.

Well, this is wrong in a lot of ways. It’s not a YouTube livestream, doesn’t happen on Wednesdays, etc.

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Kudos to you for bringing this front and centre.
IMO AI engines still have a way to go before they become reliable enough to quote yet people are already taking their output as gospel…

On a similar note I have been very disappointed with some recent Brave searches relative to the results I get from DDG and Start Page. Trying to persevere but seriously thinking about switching back to DDG.
The (presumably AI) summariser is for me often just a waste of reading time.

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If only this were true…but hopefully we’ll start trending in this direction again.

Okay, so I tested this one because I saw people speaking about it in terms of ChatGPT and all. But things like this game will be shut down if you decide to bring up skin color or ethnicity. This may be an awkward thing but I don’t see why it gets turned off.

This might be more of a gray area in thought, but still doesn’t quite seem right.

But then if you do try to continue and change things up, it seems to break. It can’t understand it’s supposed to add three words to what was said and to continue a story.

Yeah, looks like you had some fun here - this is what I was saying to you recently about the use of AI!

This one’s a bit of a conundrum in itself, given Brave won’t tell anyone the reason for the suspension.

Some of the other answers here are hilarious!

I saw this listed as something it could supposedly do, but still not there.

What the link actually went to?