Optimization for Samsung DeX

Come on, Android is a relatively buggy system, Google couldn’t even make the system run straight to tablets and desktops. Which resulted in system customizations by manufacturers and Samsung is an example. We also have Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, but they are not the focus at the moment.

Samsung DeX is a Samsung interface made for its top-of-the-line cell phones to become a kind of portable desktop, where the user connects the device via a usb-c to hdmi cable, a hub, or a usb-c to usb- c and connects to a monitor. When connected, the monitor will receive an interface different from Android and more similar to Windows.

DeX transforms the android mobile environment into a desktop environment, with apps that adapt to it and the manufacturer itself offers documentation for this.

Few tools bring definitive support to DeX, some maybe because they are adapted to tablet mode, which helps a lot, but others don’t even try.

Brave works perfectly in DeX, however, limited, but it could improve with more optimized functions for the interface and the suggestions would be:

  • Use the Dex api and when the browser was used on the system, start the sites in computer mode, for example, Samsung Internet;
  • More keyboard shortcuts, like F11 for full screen;
  • Added bookmarks bar below the UrL bar;
  • Bring support for Chrome extensions, as well as the Kiwi Browser (this does not necessarily have to be exclusive to DeX);
  • Bring support for apis that are present on the desktop and not on android like an api that makes it possible to edit something in the browser and save directly to the memory file (photopea.com asks for this api);
  • Shortcuts on the DeX taskbar;

Samsung DeX may seem useless to some, but when researched, it turns out that there are several communities around the world about the tool and one of the issues is the browser, which is mostly limited. The most complete is currently Samsung’s own, the Samsung Internet Browser, but in addition to always being outdated in chromium compared to the others, it has several bugs such as the case of improper zooming on the page that the only solution is to close the tab and open the website in a new tab.
Another fact is that DeX-optimized apps usually gain prominence in the Galaxy Store, Samsung’s app store, an example is Luma Fusion, a video editor that was optimized for DeX and gained prominence in the store and in the community. Other optimized apps are Microsoft 365 apps.

How does Brave compare to Chrome when using Dex? Given we share a common code here. Chromium related Dex fixes are needed I suspect.