Add bookmark bar option for Android tablets

I’m sorry if this has been requested before (I looked but couldn’t find it,) but I would love it if a bookmarks bar could be added to the android app, the same one that’s used on the desktop version. I mainly use my Samsung tablet running Dex for work and web browsing, and the only thing that is lacking, compared to the desktop version, is the bookmarks bar. I use bookmarks a lot, and having them all visible and immediately accessible in a bar is just so much more convenient than having to click on a menu and open a separate bookmarks tab.

I don’t know how popular this feature would be, because I don’t know how many people are using Brave with their android tablets, but it would honestly make my user-experience so much better.

Anyway, thanks!

I agree. I’m going to try Brave, but the absence of a bookmark bar will probably be a deal-breaker. I use a tablet a lot, in desktop mode… a bookmark bar is essential.

Toyally Agree…I am also using Samsung DEX…I have been put off using Brave due to the lack of bookmarks bar. Samsung Internet is looking like the better option for using the brilliant DEX feature on Samsung devices.