Brave Browser Mac to iPhone Sync with Multiple Profiles

Hello everyone, new to Brave and switched from Chrome.
Been using Safari for a while but loved the Profile feature on Chrome.
I actually have 4 profiles on Chrome.

Now, I installed Brave Browser and the speeds are lovely. Many websites run very smooth compared to Chrome and Safari IMHO.

I installed Brave on the iPhone and started the Sync. The sync didn’t do the bookmarks yet but that’s not the main concern. My main concern is, how to create/import the 4 profiles I have on the Brave Mac (Desktop)?

Is there a profile switcher or somewhere I can switch on the iPhone like I do on the Computer?

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You can’t. Mobile version of Brave doesn’t have profiles. And you can’t sync profiles across Desktop either. The cheat on getting profiles synced between desktop profiles is that you need to sync each profile separately. But like I said, profiles don’t exist on Mobile, so that wouldn’t be helpful in terms of your iPhone. You’d either have to sync everything together on one profile or choose just one profile to use.

Thank you for the quick reply.
But is the Profiles for Mobiles and a more streamlined Sync progress in the development pipeline?

Not that I’m aware of. I see there was an issue created for it in 2020 but it never had any devs or anyone reply to it or take action. And I haven’t heard anyone speak of it as anything on the roadmap.

There are conversations happening on that. You can see where @Mattches actually responded to a question on that recently at Sync documentation for Profiles - #2 by Mattches

Also tagged him here in case Mattches might be able to say something more on profiles for mobile.

@Saoiray is right here — unfortunately there is no support multiple profiles on mobile devices at this time.