Safe Search filter not working

I’ve noticed that safe search filter doesn’t work in some non-illicit keyword combinations. For example, compare these two search phrases:
beautiful jamaican woman
beautiful jamaican nurse
the introduction of the keyword nurse, seems to trigger only explicit images.

I’ve noticed the safe search filter also does not effectively distinguish between moderate and none, the same unfiltered results are delivered. This will really hurt your adoption by family users if they can trust safe search results.

This issue is encountered using DuckDuckGo browser, however, I don’t see what this issue has to do with which browser is being used. The search should be independent of browser platform but it seems the Brave project is hooking the two together which will have two effects, one slow adoption, second lead to cross browser issue support overload. I don’t know the details of what is being done to tether the two projects, but as it is a hard linkage in this community forum I have to assume the two technologies are tethered somehow, that might be a mistake strategically speaking.

Description of the issue:

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@mikeb888 they just added image search again not long ago, but I do get what you’re saying. What’s interesting is it’s just a special combination of words. For example, if you put in Jamaican Nurse it won’t show anything bad. Beautiful Jamaican also doesn’t seem to have it. Nor does Jamaican Nurse. It’s only when the three combine, Beautiful Jamaican Nurse that you get porn. And if you swap out Jamaican with others like Japanese it seems to do the same.

One thing I will suggest is whenever you see results like this or think there’s an issue, to make sure to use the Feedback button. In the screenshot below, I have the button circled and some arrows pointing. By submitting information there, it goes directly to the Search team.

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I know this is 5 months old, but I have noticed on Brave mobile browser with safesearch settings set to strict, that if your on image search and simply type (name of actor) + porn, then it gives explicit results. Quite a big lapse IMO.