Parental Filter is broken!

Hello to the Brave community!

I’m creating a topic today in order to report / suggest something (even considered as a bug).

During a search on Brave Search I was able to see some shocking images while my Brave Search parental filter was activated.

For example, if I search for “penis human” on Brave Search, and I activate my parental filter on “strict” it still shows me the image of a real penis on the right because of the wikipedia integration on the side! This also works for any type of content that should not be visible despite the activated parental filter! I’ll give you another example, if I search for “Smegma” the (“wikipedia widget” I don’t know what it’s called) with the parental filter activated on strict, it will still show me a picture of an uncensored penis!

I’m using the French version, so I don’t know if it’s because of that, but you should fix it as soon as possible, it can be shocking for children who don’t expect to see such an image with the parental filter activated!

Thank you, see you soon

I have blurred the screenshots to avoid sensitivity.

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Thanks for the feedback @Jolan, sending to the team for review.

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