Implement search engine choice in desktop browser

the Brave iOS mobile version has a great function that the desktop does not have: when you enter a search term in the address field, Brave mobile lists several search engines to click and use for the search. This is a great feature, because i often use different search engines for different purposes.
This request is to enable this feature also on desktop (Firefox browser has this also already). This is important to me because it would save me a lot of time in conducting searches (which I do all the time).
It would be a bonus if we can also select which search engines to show here and customise the order in which they are shown.
Here is what I mean shown on Brave mobile:

Right now, if you have brave search engine as default or duckduckgo as default you can use the !bangs feature. It works for both of them.

Try ‘!b brave browser’ in the search filed and press enter. It will take you to bing search engine.

It is indeed a good feature which comes in handy once in while and ‘should’ be implemented like in firefox desktop.