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So with Yandex / DDG falling under scrutiny among other things a shelved idea has resurfaced. I started using the Brave search but it really misses the mark for me. Of course I could joke that’s good it doesn’t know what the hell results are best for me because it’s not tracking my habits/interests but the core idea was it would be nice to have a group of search engines (since you can’t delete anymore and I sure AF do not want Google in this list) that you can have Brave randomly send a search to.

So if you search for “How to make Toast” in the address bar Brave will send the query to a random approved engine or the first. Then if you search for “How to tie your shoes” Brave will send to either a random entry in the approved list OR the second in the list. So evil corp running SE 1 thinks you like toast/food, evil corp SE 2 thinks you’re into foot wear…etc.

Round Robin kinda has a more even distribution unless you do random with some sort of exhaustive array so you never send to the same one twice until the list is exhausted. The end result (outside perhaps more crappy results) is to salt your data so no one search engine gets a complete picture.

I don’t know anything about this topic, just lightly skimmed some of the literature per Brave Search. lol From reading a few articles, It seems that Brave Search already “anonymizes” their search results even when pulling from independent search providers. (I posted the information I was looking at below.)

So, I do not understand what is lacking in Brave’s approach and how your suggestion would improve the methods they are using. Can you provide more comparative information for the uneducated please! :laughing:

Search results independence
Brave Search FAQ
FAQs (at bottom of page)
GOGGLES: Democracy dies in darkness, and so does the Web

Everything you’ve said and the sources you’ve linked hinge on taking what’s said at face value and or believing them. This is akin to the classic Dead Kennedy’s “Trust your Mechanic.” This also then touches on why I run 8 browsers. (Brave, Firefox, Tor, Palemoon, Falkon, Web/Epiphony, Vivaldi, Basilisk)

#1 I don’t fully trust brave in general.
#2 I trust search engine marking less.
#3 Salting data more is better than less.

We can with time and the appropriate skill audit the brave code and googles engine (which prompts jokes of the darkest timeline) but we can’t audit the search. Comically you could also negate the idea (at least for Brave Search) because the browser could send the data to themselves either way (until caught).

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