Rollback (restore) previous version

App needs the ability to rollback to previous version. Although the devs & testers try their best, sometimes a new release breaks something else. Would be better to allow the user to rollback to previous version that worked for them until the latest version works without possibly breaking an important function.

Could be done simply by renaming the folder to Brave_V(ersion #) before installing new version. If rollback is required, script deletes current and renames old to current… or something like that.

Try to find older versions at

For those who understand GitHub, that is a reasonable answer. However, for the masses, it’s unworkable. On the desktop, I suppose you could get away with it, but what about the mobile apps?

I’ve ran into the problem myself with the current version on my iPAD. How do I roll that back? Short answer, I’m not. I simply use a different browser. I would if I could, and that’s the rub! Dev’s need to think about who they’re making the product for and how easy is it for their target audience.

I posted this as a feature request, it’s something that should be given consideration knowing every new release is not perfect and would help the average user continue using/supporting the software .vs. just clicking uninstall and trying the next app.

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