Did Sync 2.0 need to get rolled back for some reason?

Before I start I’d just like to note that I’ve been using Brave as my primary browser for a year and a half now and have been loving it. I know about and used sync 1.0 and am aware of its limitations and eventual issues that caused it to be disabled so there’s no need to explain that to me.

With that said, there was a post made and pinned here in the community about 4 weeks ago by the devs saying it would be slowly rolling out to the nightly build over the next 2 weeks. Well as I said that was about 4 weeks ago, yet I at least haven’t heard anything about a rollback. Was there an issue found that cause it to need to be rolled back? Is the rollout simply running behind schedule? Could we can an update on this from the development team?

Hi @Gamegenorator,
Yes, Sync v2 is currently on the Nightly build. Are you using Nightly and don’t see Sync?

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No - am not on Nightly. Just started with Brave and had it on mobile/PC. I can wait…Thanks!