Download an old version of brave

Basically I need an old version without some functions that are in the current version.
I know I can look for the versions in this link: But I don’t know what I have to download to install those old versions.

What functionality are you looking for that was taken out of recent builds?

For reference, you can download previous version of Brave (as well as current versions) from our Github:

You can also specify the version in the URL to land on the exact version you’d like – for example, if you wanted the latest build, you would enter:

I’m just looking for a version that works as fast as possible to play an html5 game. That’s why I’m looking for one without features like Brave Rewards or others for less input lag.

When I install one of these old versions it is directly updated to the latest, so I don’t know how it should be installed correctly to avoid that.

I’m still confused – what games (or actions) are you unable to do with the latest release? If you’re not interested in Rewards (or any feature, for that matter), then simply disable them.

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