Default Browser Version Problem

Why is it when I set Brave up as default browser it opens in old verssion?
The brave screen ask to update to current version and I dont get redirected to what I was looking for?

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I imagine you’re setting the “wrong” Brave (that is, the old Brave) as your default browser. You should go ahead and 1) Make sure you import any data from the old version you’d still like to have, then 2) Go to Add or remove programs on your Windows system and find Brave, but make sure the version listed (you have to click on the app to select/display the version number) that you’re uninstalling is 0.27.3 (or less) – this is the “old” Brave version.

After uninstalling, go back to your Default apps and set Brave (the only available option now) as your default browser.

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Thanks Yes that was the problem when I updated it didn’t remove the old program

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