My basic attention tokens gone!

My bats were gone when my computer gave a blue screen error when I entered brave.

please help me

same to mine, didn’t find the answer yet

Hi @visioN1 @jan686 - what OS and Brave versions are you using?

Don’t know if it will help but I had to disconnect from rewards. Then I had to login to Uphold account which seems to have re-sync’d.

Look for other posts that haven’t been answered yet. Other people (including me) are having this issue too. Can we get one of you to respond to us too? Thank you.

Windows 10 , The Latest release from website

Can you DM me your Rewards Internals?

i sended rewards internals can you look ?

Same thing happened with me today
Then I Restored the wallet again by entering my Backup Code
My BAT came back 12.5
At the end of the day ( After receiving at least 12 ads) it went up to 13.2 BAT
So I closed my Laptop momentarily and I’m back to 12.5 BAT

I don’t know but on windows BAT are disappearing for certain people including me

i sended reward internals but you didn’t even look my message it has ben 3 days please answer that.

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