I am not receiving BAT Rewards in my Uphold wallet Balance of Brave and Uphold mismatch

Hi all,

I run Brave on my desktop pc at home and my laptop. Now I have a different amount in Brave on my laptop, a different amount in Brave on my desktop pc and a different amount in my Uphold wallet.
The payment of January is not in Uphold, yet. Is payout still processes?

Can you give me an explaination for 3 different amounts? There is the different going? Is this fixable?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, Iā€™m facing the same issue, can any one help on this issue to fix

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7.060 BAT/1.82 USD another browser

@steeven Please help on this issue.

No payment on my side yet.

Received only browser payment and waiting for another one browser. @steeven please help on my BAT payment

Me still waiting my uphold account still in reviewed do you think i will get my payment

Hi @vka, payments to verified wallets are still processing.

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