Rewards not transferring to new phone

I activated a new phone and have lost all my rewards, how can this be fixed?

was your old phone wallet verified?

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There is no way of transferring rewards or BAT between devices; the only way to save your BAT is to verify the wallet with Uphold. Did you verify your wallet on your previous device?


I couldn’t verify my wallet because I didn’t have enough BAT to do so.

@Awesomology85 since version 1.25.xx the minimum was reduced to 15, and if I’m not mistaken it was also posible to verify the wallet if you already have an Uphold account with the KYC process completed.

if you still have access to your old phone, try to do the verification, but it will only save, the wallet balance not the pending rewards.

But since currently there is a bug that still haven’t been fixed that doesn’t allow the Bat to be sent to the Uphold wallet, that could happen to you.

Also don’t forget the 4 wallets lifetime limit set per Uphold account.

So, do this if you have an amount worth saving.

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