Claim rewards to verified uphold

Today, I claimed my reward. I have a verified uphold account but reward isn’t transferred to uphold account automatically.


You need at least 25 BAT to verify your Uphold account and transfer all the BAT to it.

Thank you for your reply but one of my friends has less than 25 bats & the claimed bat directly sent to the uphold wallet. I don’t know how.

Then he might have sent his BAT’s to some brave creators first, cause 25 BAT is the minimum limit.

That’s what I’ve thought but it was sent automatically :man_shrugging:t4:.

i have my wallet verified and they doesnt go to my uphold wallet for example, so i have a similar issue

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Maybe I found the issue here. It may be because of the device limit 4. So then how to remove the old devices linked?

I dont have more devices connected to my uphold wallet, so i dont think is that the issue

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