Rewards no longer being earned, profile problem?

I’ve been using Brave for over a year and I was earning BAT, no problem. A few months ago, it stopped working and now there are no rewards being earned. I’ve checked the obvious settings and can find nothing that would explain why I’m no longer earning BAT tokens. I have a few screenshots if that would help?
Many thanks

Macos 12.6.3
Brave 1.50.121
Wallet was verified with Gemini but that’s no longer supported in my region so have just verified with Uphold.

Possibly. All depends on what it looks like. Originally I was going to say it could be related to but then at the end of your topic, you mentioned that you just verified with Uphold.

When did you connect your Rewards to Uphold? Are you seeing ads? And if seeing ads, you’re saying not earning BAT?

Does it say ‘Brave rewards Profile flagged’ anywhere ?
That would explain the reason you don’t earn for so many months.

Hi, I only verified this morning with Uphold and I’m not seeing ads. Here’s a screenshot of the internals, thanks again!

It is advised not to share the Screenshots or details on a public topic/post.

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