Rewards disappearing all the time (android)


i’m loosing my rewards all the time on my android phone…
i watched 199 add and earned 10,0BAT

then all of sudden my phone shows message that i have to join the brave rewards… there is no other option then to join the program, when i do that it creates a wallet. there’s a small amount of BAT left in the wallet , for instance today 1,3BAT

this already happende twice now, what a waste of time

hope you help


i have not receive a response after 2 weeks :slightly_frowning_face:

my problem is not solved, after awhile my mobile android phone keeps asking me to join brave while i am a member… when i accept and check my wallet there is only a very small amount of BAT left in my wallet

so after 2 months of using the brave browser and 802 ads i have 1,9 BAT in my wallet

would greatly appreciate help / feedback


Same here, auto-contribute turn itself ON without any action from my part, and i loose all BAT.

seems another problem… my problem has nothing to with auto-contribute…
brave browser asks me to create a brave wallet while i already have a wallet; and that seems to reset the amount … is this theft? or a BUG?


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