Brave Rewards missing over the week

My brave rewards are missing from wallet after earning. Following are the instances.

  1. Had ~4.4 BAT and ads received were ~440, it decreased to 4.185 BAT while ads received were 454 (screenshot attached of 4.185 BAT as i didnt take screenshot of ~4.4 BAT balance)

  1. Had 4.185 BAT and ads recieved were 454, it decreased to 4.12 BAT while ads received were 490 (screenshot attached)

  1. Had 4.12 BAT while ads received were 490, I didnt check for few days, but the next time I checked it was 4.14 BAT while ads received were 529. Pretty sure some BAT went missing as rewards are not so poor to get 0.02 BAT for 39 ads. (Screenshot attached)

Been using brave browser for 6 months now, never noticed such a problem. I would like to know whats the problem here? How to solve it? How to restore the BAT?

Some details:
Android 11, Brave Version: 1.33.106, Browser Wallet Not Verified, Not using VPN, Region: India (Supported), Safety Net : Pass, auto contribute is off.

Thank You

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