I lost my bat coins without reason

I had like 10 or 15 bat coins a month and half ago. Suddenly dissapeared (neither I touched my wallet. I didn’t asked for it before is because I moved to another city and I had no my computer, also it’s something that used to happen during a day or two, but later the system fixed it. Now I have the computer and I am still without my coins… Only 1,3 of my more than 10-15 coins

I have the last version of Brave, and I have disabled the contribution system, so I couldn’t lose money by that way

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Hi @nazarenoalt
Welcome to the Brave community!
You can upgrade the browser to its latest version and keep using it!
The BAT gets reduced because of various reasons and sometimes it gets reduces because if you don’t use your browser much but just kept it ideal and watched only ads then the earned BAT gets reduced and sometimes it was just a glitch it gets fixed within the next few days!

Hey! thanks to reply.

I used to have (and I have) the last version. In that days I used to use Brave everyday fulltime, and still I don’t have my BATs

¿What do I do if in a month ago I don’t receive again my BAT coins?

So you get the rewards posted monthly that you have accumulated. From Android Brave, bottom right corner the “3 dot” button go click on that. Scroll down till you see “Brave Rewards” click that. Top of course says Brave Rewards, under that is the wallet. Look where it says Ad and make sure it’s on that slide icon on the right. Then you will notice the drop down tab that says “Show Details” well now click on that. Now you can see Brave Rewards Settings and the Main reason I had you go there is says “ESTIMATED PENDING REWARDS” Now you can see how much BAT you have made so far. Under that is the Date it will show up in your available BAT on Brave Browser.

Sorry for the long post I am just trying to help. Under those settings though also check to make sure that you are not “Automatically Contributing To Creators” That happened to me and I lost the first 10 BAT I earned on Brave just like that. I stopped using the browser for 5 months over that last year. But decided to try it again 6 months ago and I did some research and found out why that happened to me.

So make sure Auto Contribute is off lol

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Thank you for your dedication! I’m sorry to hear that really :S I went to that and I only can see the current month (with 0.090BAT) and I have in uphold the rest (1.3BAT)

The weird thing in uphold is that show I used to have 0.2BAT since I started with the app, like I never earned money

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No problem, Yeah Brave has announced already that they are aware of different situations with BAT and I am pretty sure the old source code expired since they updated and they are going to be reissuing the current BAT to everyone

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