Rewards Claim Issue Brave

I Got Rewards claim Option, when I click to claim it it shows “Oops Some Error” and my payment not get added. Now This is new issue. Solve this issue ASAP. Thank You

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If you’re having difficulty with the new claim, the browser will automatically update and retry in a bit.

Same here. Brave, Nightly and Beta on Windows 10, Windows 11 and android.

The issue is the captcha. Happened to me also, just got to wait it out and try again a few times until “something went wrong” again and eventually get it on the right pixel to credit the account lol


same issue. I’m not worried – been using brave about a year now there have been some hiccups and delays with rewards payouts but have always gotten the correct payout eventually. This is definitely the longest I’ve had to wait but I have faith in the Brave team.

Edit a few hours later: I relaunched my browser to apply the V1.37.114 update that was released today, and now my full March rewards are reflected within the browser’s balance total, and a few minutes later the tokens arrived in my Gemini account.


Totally agree with you abut the Brave team. :heart:

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@steeven Its more than 12 hours now, Still my BAT not get credited.

I did the same thing, but it didn’t work for me

The plaintiff contended that the performance of the activity is sufficient to get the reward. The performing person doesn’t need to know the rewards. According to sec 8 of the Indian Contracts Act, the performance of a condition of the proposal is an acceptance of the proposal. The plaintiff fulfilled this condition and so he is entitled to get the reward.

Hi, @steeven I never saw the claim button reappear and its been 5 days now. So I’ve dropped you a DM.

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