Rewards are not update even after viewing the ads

My reward points are not updated based on the ads viewed.
This issue started happening once after I viewed the history. History logs are getting updated based on the ads viewed but reward points are not updated.
all the reward points for the date 16th April are not updated.
I am using windows 10 and my browser version is [
1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hello @naveen42kumar

first try to update to latest version
also could you send screen shoot of the ads that does not count and also go to (which show the current ads targeting your country) and take screen shoot that show that the ads you get also in your catalog

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @justsomeone1,

The highlighted ads were not counted.
Updated the brave to latest version

thanks for that and sorry for not clearning my self as it should be

i meant to send screen shoot when you get the ads

also could you send screen shot of what you see here brave://rewards/

Here is the screenshot of the rewards
I hope you mean for screen shoot is to record the screen whenever a ad appears on the screen for next time. is my understanding correct?

Even the count on the rewards screen isnt correct.

you have 106 ads and you have 1.080 which is fine

just take screen shoot of that ads no need to make video

now why you say you get ads and it does not count

what make you say that

I have clicked on ad which appeared on my notification but the counter(rewards points) was not changed after the click. Note: I always open other window in extended screen to check whether the points are updated or not.
it stuck at 1.07 for some time though the ads notifications are clicked by me.


Same, I got only 1 ad (notification) today, It’s listed in ads history but no BAT was added.

hi my bat not updated .yesterday it decresed tp 0.03

0 bat from1.270 bat
these are SS before ad popup and after ad popup.There is no increse in bat and in ad count but it shows in ad history

my browser is updated to latest version


@justsomeone1 This issue is there in mobile app as well.

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I got the same issue, clicking on ads and nothing, Theres many ads that never gives rewards like ByBit page, no matter what, waiting, interacting, nothing gives a reward with some pages. Always shows as “Clicked” and no reward at all. Now it is happening with all ads even with brave shop ads. No ad gives reward at all.


i also am not getting rewarded for viewing ads this issue started today at first my rewards were lagging saying i only had 100 whihc earlier in the day i saw and knew i had 420 and so i waited to continue with my rewards collections and then it updated back to the 420 and so i clicked to view ad and nothing and so i waited a hour or so and tried again and then nothing again and then i did this same thing every hour or so to see if any change but nothing no rewards all day and multiple ads viewed i hope we can fix this soon thanks in advance


Same issue here. Since yesterday, no rewards anymore. It is stuck at 2.365 bat.

Please help.

Grtz, Arjan

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Hello everyone,

I have the same problem. After I clicked the ad, the reward counter does not increases. It stays the same. Everything started since yesterday (April 15th). I am living in Serbia (Europe) and using Windows 10, with Brave version 1.23.71.

Best regards, T. Balázs

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Happened to me too.

After updating to version 1.23.71 of brave browser, my browser stopped receiving bats from sponsored ads

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Hi, the same happened to me yesterday! Whats the problem???

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Here in The Netherlands it’s the same, since yesterday (15th of April) it all started including some other issues with the Bookmarks that keep multiplying on my dektop version. I hope they can solve these problems soon.

I have the same problem since a did de update version

Same for me from yesterday my rewards stuck

Hope this issue will be resolved soon.