Ads appear but the counter and reward do not increase

I am on Brave Beta on windows 10 latest version.
I am receiving ads but they are not counted in the ads counter and also the pending rewards does not increase .
Is this a know issue and is there a fix ?
@steeven @Mattches

Its stuck on 44 ads you can clearly see 3 new ads in the screen shots for proof.
very easily reproducible i can provide as many proof as you need

check here ->

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I read the compete conversation but i was unable to comprehend the steps that i am supposed to follow .
Also i am on brave beta and brave stable in both the browsers i am unable to see my logs now .
A few days back they were visible but they are completely clear in both the browser.
I am ready to share my screen if u like .
In brave stable the counter did not reset for the month of august and then i stopped getting even a single ad ,on brave beta i received ads but the counter did not increase.
So summing all this i did not receive and BAT from ads that i clicked and i received way to less ads .

the reward logs from internals is completely clear

if you did the update now not easy or impossible to check like before…
but I spoke about a json with a retry too

it is a bit complicated and you did not mention the directory and files where i had to make the changes also i am not sure if that will work for me too.
so @sampson it will be helpful if you look into the matter.

I have received more than 200 ads but its still at 44 and still i am receiving ads regularly but no rewards.
help @steeven @Mattches @sampson

anyone here to give a solution
still facing the issue help if you know the solution

You are not alone, several users are experiencing something similar to you, hope the admins are taking care of this issue and also they answer this thread.

Also, the ability to see logs is disabled since actual versión.

Having the same issue, so like 12 hours back from the time I am writing this post, I observed that my estimated rewards was not increasing. It got stuck. When I went to the brave rewards page I found that the count of “Ad notifications received this month” is stuck and is not increasing.
But when I see the 7-day Ads history, I can see the ads I got. After the counter got stuck I got 15 ads and it didn’t get updated till now.
Can someone help me out? Any advice is appreciated. I am using windows 7. And I am on brave official build Version 1.14.81. 64-bit.

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