Ad count and brave rewards not getting updated/increased

I haven’t been receiving bat for the viewed/clicked ads on my brave browser stable version since 24 hrs. The 7 day history does show these ads, but the ad counter and rewards are not getting updated.

OS - Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS


I’m having the same exact issue. My count increased to 32, but now I’ve seen about 20 more ads that haven’t increased the count. They show up in the log, but the log has about 48 ads and my ad counter says 32.

on macOS latest version 1.24.86

ive also seen several ads but count isnt updating/bat not increasing


@steeven @tmancey any updates on this? same problem here.

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Based on everything I’ve seen in this community, I think Brave may be more of a scam than it claims in its propaganda.

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Give it a while theyre experiencing high number of people downloading the software the search engine either way is super efficient.


they have updated sponsored image to Upland today which is value at 0.001 bat till 23 may. But still no change in reward. Seems like they are working on it. :v: :v: :+1: :+1:

Hi all, please see . There was a partial ads outage yesterday that was resolved this morning.