Next Payment Date BUG

I’ve been using Brave for less than 1 month, so far so good, I enabled rewards and kept using … getting my bats for the ads …

  • In February, it showed that my next payment would be on March 5.
  • On March 1, that payment went to April 5.
  • today, March 6th, the next payment will be May 5th.

What is happening? should i worry? what should I do? suggestions? thanks for listening.


i’ve had this issue since around october last year, made a post 2 months ago and still waiting to hear a response


same i have 15 bat waiting since december


Yep, Jan 5th bumped to Feb 5th bumped to March 5th and now it’s bumped to April 5th for me, with none of the pending BAT paid out.


17 BAT waiting to be paid for me, and when i click on claim it appears an error. it’s been months like that !!! HELP BRAVE !!

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Yes Brave is not organizing payments like before, i think they could make a forecast of payouts more precisely, if there are so many people to make all the payments, they could just pay them in different days for example.

Hi, have anyone tried sending a dm to @steeven about this issues with your wallets? Attach screenshots with any relevant information

@mics @jjdub7 @tod

  • first day of every month, the date of next payment will moves forward of one month.

  • if you already verified your browsers with uphold, bat earned in the previous month will be accumulated to uphold.

  • if you aren’t a verified user of uphold, then the earned bat will be credited to your browser. This can be happen bh clicking the claim button we get on around 3rd to 10th of every month.

Note: In case if we clear the cookies or browser data the whole collected batt information will be removed (If browsers not verified with uphold)

  • If you were not part of any of the above mentioned points, please send a personal message to @steeven with respective details mentioned by @JohnDproof

Okay, the browser said I couldn’t verify the Uphold wallet until accumulating 25 BAT, but Uphold let me register and verify anyway. Will the pending rewards fromt he last 3 months just come into that wallet next month then, or…?

I just did. Hopefully next monday will expect an asnwer.

Maybe not all at the same time but all of it should be sent to your uphold account eventually

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No @jjdub7, unless you verify browser with uphold, the bat can’t move to uphold. Untill then you will get a claim option in the first or second month week of every month. Using that you can get the bat of the last month.

Not even that option worked for me. Worse, after claiming using that option, the bats dissapeared.

Can you go to brave://rewards/ and check if there’s any numbers you can see there? Like below

see mine is also pending and everything is verified

@abhishek7731 we aren’t received feb payout yet. I status of feb payout megathread is still in progress.

If you still won’t get them to your account, please share the required details to @steeven.

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They are mining with our hardware, they are not paying to anybody, all the bats decrease or just simply disapear. I found out today. They are using us and taking the money.

Goodness! they are mining with our hardware, they are not paying to anybody, all the bats decrease or just simply disapear. I found out today. They are using us and taking the money.

OP, did you ever figure this out? I’ve had the same problem with the Next Payment Date always showing two months in advance and never actually receiving any of the estimated earned BAT. And yet the Next Payment Date always remains as two months ahead.

Every thread I see on this problem (either here or Reddit) always turns into a bunch of people saying they’re having the same issue because their Next Payment Date is one month later. It’s not the same thing, and it kills the thread every time.