No reward received on 6 July, for jun

I did not receive any reward ,. Just payment date now showing 6, August

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Same problem here.

I did not receive my pay from Jun 5 what a disappointment.
everything was going so well, last month I received my pay on time and without problems

Same here. My estimated BAT rewards is 10 BAT, but only 0.25 BAT is received. Please assist.

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If you look at the MEGATHREAD for July you will see they commented on the 5th falling on a Sunday. With both of the indicators still saying payment is processing the 6th is when you should receive payment as the 5th was on a Sunday. Search from MEGATHREAD July to see what I have mentioned.

Same here, I have never seen a claim button before (this is my first month here) although I have 13 BAT in estimated. How do I claim this? Where is the button?

i also did not get reward on 6 july 2020 .Plz sir solve this problem .

same as here…no reward was received for june.

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