Since May i'm receiving random amount of BAT (Brave Rewards)


Since the month of May when I had a bug on the Brave rewards I receive in June and July amounts that don’t seem to match on Uphold. I do have a verified account on this platform.

I’m attaching two screenshots one day apart, the first one is on July 6th and what I’m supposed to unlock and the second one is on July 7th of what I received on Uphold and what I still have pending for the month of August. Today I received an amount of 15,13400 BAT and you can see it on the difference in the wallet, but shouldn’t I have gotten 19.2 BAT?

I didn’t think about taking a screenshot for the 6th of June because I thought it would work normally again but it didn’t. I was also missing a few BATs.

I hope you can help me find out where the trouble is coming from and I wish you a good day!

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