Incomplete deposit

Hey ppl, I had a problem with my last payment, in brave rewards said they deposited 607.98 BAT, but in my Uphold Account I just recieved 107.17 BAT, and in the last days now brave rewards show that my last payment was 107.17 BAT.
What happened with the other 500 BAT? Do I gonna get them later?


cc @asad for assistance here. It’s seems it’s a display (?) bug.

Maybe the received BAT is 107.17 BAT which is approximately 607.98 MXN.

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Any BAT you didn’t get this month will definitely carry over to next month’s payout :slight_smile: If you earned BAT during the freeze period (i.e the 1st-8th of every month), that BAT will transfer over to the following month.

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