Reward claim problem s

I use brave for more than 5 months. I got reward for the first 2 months. But after then I can’t claim my reward. When the claim option appears I click but it doesn’t work and the circle is continuously moving until I go back. Then I uninstalled the brave and reinstalled. After 30 days the same problem I am facing. Please help

Hi @Saifulpga,

Thanks for writing in. What OS and Brave version are you using? Can you provide a screen capture of this happening?

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I use Android OS . Android
You can see that claim button appears

After clicking the claim button the circle is continuously moving as long as go back When I go back the claim button disappears and balance remain as before zero

Same happens with me also

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I have the exact same problem. It used to work. Now when I claim my reward it just keeps spinning, and I never get it. It’s been doing that every day for over a month. Interestingly, it works on my desktop. But it does not work (unable to claim rewards) on brave on Android.

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