Tab groups activation not saved

Description of the issue:
In the last days the tab groups disappeared in my Brave. I tried to activate it in Settings > Appearance > Enable tab groups (=ON) > restart. Nothing happens. Still no tab groups, still “Enable tab groups” = OFF

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Activate Settings > Appearance > Enable tab groups = ON
  2. “restart now” > Brave starts again
  3. No tab groups

Expected result:

Choice “Enable tab groups” should be saved

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.32.112, Chromium 9.0.4664.45

Mobile Device details

Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 10

Additional Information:


Very good bug report. Hope Brave will fix this issue.

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I also have this problem.

My app version:

I have a OnePlus 7T.
Running: Oxygen OS

When I try to activate this feature I have about 20 open tabs.

Same issue. Just started using this browser. Does anyone from brave ever reply to these things? I sent an email to the support address listed on the Google Play store and received a reply that directed me here and basically said that nobody checks their support emails

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Collect more users with this problem and keep the thread from closing.
“This topic will close a month after the last reply.”


I just created my account for the same issue.
I notice yesterday or this morning (not sure) that my tabs were working differently suddenly. I thought for a moment it was a Brave update but since I don’t like the behavior I searched and found out tab group is disabled.
I try to enable it but it remains disabled no matter what.
I even clear all the app data, same behavior.

Phone is Redmi Note 10 Pro, Android 11.

I checked then today and noticed a Brave update was waiting. I hoped it could solve the issue but it did not :frowning:


Found the solution there : Can't enable group tabs

Solved for me.
I never enabled this parameter myself so I don’t know why it was like this… but now it’s working fine.


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