Retrieve private keys from seed phrase

Hi all,

My Brave Wallet got updated and now I’m in trouble. I had to fill out my seed phrase, but the wallet opens to an unfamiliar address with no assets.

I will probably first need to use my seed phrase to get to my private key, but how? I tried using Ian Coleman’s recovery tool, but to no avail. I must be doing something wrong. Any help is much appreciated.



OK, this is weird. I went to settings and selected the old version of the Brave Wallet; then suddenly my assets were back.

Any tips of advice for me? Shall I keep using the old (deprecated) version or should I do something else, so I will never lose access again?


Could you check if this solves your problem?

Note you’ll also need to go to brave://settings/wallet and set your default wallet back to “Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions)” first.

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