I Burned Up My Password and Seed Phrase for My Brave Wallet!

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Hello, I have burned up all my passwords and seed phrase’ for my brave wallet along with two others. My passwords and seed phrases were written down on the back of kitchen cabnet doors ( so I wouldn’t misplace them ) I had a pretty nasty fire in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago. My passwords went up in smoke. I have reset the Brave wallet but can not log into the wallet to make any changes. Can I delete this Brave Wallet and start over with a new wallet? Thanks for any help.

Hello! Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Yes, you can start fresh with a new wallet, but you won’t have access to previous addresses or assets without the recovery phrase or private keys of the previous wallet.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hi Evan, Yes I got it fixed. I just opened up a new wallet. At the time I had no tokens in the wallet, so I didn’t loose anything. Now I have a larger problem. If you have time to read my new post, I sure could use some help. the topic is “my password and sed phrase were changed without my knowledge”. Thanks,

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