Retrieval of Browser History

How can i retrieve my entire search history from the browser?

Do you just want to look at it, or are you talking about exporting it or something?

You can hit Ctrl+H or go to brave://history/ and search and peruse it there. But not sure if you’re looking for something more.

i just want to look at it. im on the mobile platform. what i meant was i have been using brave for 2 years now but what appears is only till mid july this year for some reason.

OK, understood.

Not sure about mobile, but at least on Desktop, Brave/Chrome/Chromium/etc. only retain about 3 months’ worth of history.

There are extensions you can use (such as WorldBrain and maybe others) that can extend this if you like.

Some recent discussion on the topic here: Why does History only go back a few months?

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