Is browser history automatically deleted?

I’m looking at my history and it only goes back to October 10th. I have never purposefully deleted it. Does Brave only store so much history?

That is correct – I believe it only stores the last 90 days worth of history. This is true of all Chromium based browsers afaik.

@Go-go_duck Not at this time. Not sure why anyone needs to view their browser history from far back. Just Bookmark things important to see. Kind of curious, why would you want/need to keep history going back 3+ months?

Btw, you could always kind of recommend it in if nobody else has. Just try to search for it first in case someone else has a similar post.

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Now you’re making me wish I saved some of those as Bookmarks. I know had been looking through it a few days ago and found some that were implemented. But I do get you that not a lot of people vote on things. The biggest issue though is how people don’t know how to put topics in the right area. There’s lots of support requests under that feature feedback, which really don’t belong.

I just wish Brave would employ more people to work the forums and all.


I could be onboard with this.

@Go-go_duck yeah, hopefully they get to it. Sometimes they comment that it’s done and other times, they just do it. I am starting to wonder if it might be better to just communicate on places like GitHub.

That said, here’s one example of something that was implemented. There were actually multiple posts on the same subject, but yeah. Improve 'top sites' section on home screen - #10 by Mattches

Another at Use Ctrl-Tab to switch to the last-used tab (instead of left or right tab) - #12 by zehawk

I’m not sure how many a person would find if they would take time. A feature I would like to see on the forums is for them to actually mark which ones have been implemented that way people can realize the difference. Unfortunately a lot of it just goes passively to where we never know for sure unless you just happen to read it and realize that it’s now available.

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I like this idea — let me see what I can do about getting some sort of identifier for already implemented features and/or features that have an issue to be implemented. May just have to be something simple like a tag that support team/mods ad to the feature requests.

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@Mattches Yeah, at least in the inner on my imagine something simple like the tag may be all that you have. In the future if they could implement something like the button that they have for a solution that would be able to say like implemented or denied. And then kind of like how the ones with solution have a little box next to the name to let you know that it’s been solved, I guess having a little icon like that on the topic for the outside as well for people to know. Not like it’s in a huge rush but doing that will at least help people to see that requests are being seen and that there is progress being made.

As it is now you guys are definitely kind of hiding in the shadows and it gives the illusion that a lot of things are not being taken into consideration or resolved. Yeah it with how often I see you guys bouncing around and handling things I know that you are, you just don’t always flag things and advertise everything that you’re accomplishing. And sadly that makes a big difference on how people perceive what’s going on and it makes people impatient as they see lots of posts but assume that there’s no progress/solutions

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