Longer browsing history than the 3 month default

Hello everyone,

Brave is based on Chromium, and as such, the browsing history is only of 90 days.
Other Chromium-based browsers have removed that limit and I hope it will be the same for Brave.
Do you have any plan for that? Maybe I can change that myself on my browser?
A browser history is a part of our memory and sometimes we want to find that article, we saw a long time ago (long time being years and not weeks).

Thank you.

i do want to be able to have an option to have way longer browser history, i saw this may be helps anyonewho is asking for the same, but it should be in BRAVE for sure at least as option!

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Same here, we wish that there was an option for a built-in export feature so that we can extend the browsing history older than 3 months and export the history for all of The Android And iOS Mobile Devices, by the way, bro. :slight_smile:

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Yes! Please extend the browser history!

Yes much needed. Firefox and Vivaldi have it…